Comments are now activated

I managed to get comments running for the blog. So you can now comment on what I write. The comments require no registration, but are moderated, so it might take a while, until they show up.

The site itself is not as empty as it used to be. The menu on top allows you to read something about BOLTS, and what I envision it to do at some point. You can read the blog that at the moment of writing contains two posts (this one included) and there is a download page with current development snapshots.

The most spectacular part however is the overview over the parts that are contained in BOLTS right now. You can access the different standards, read the tables and look at non-existent or very ugly drawings. So actually it is not so spectacular, but all this is generated from the very same data that also fuels BOLTS for OpenSCAD and FreeCAD, so it can serve as a always up-to-date reference on the available parts.