This is a news updates that discusses the lack of updates, an important update and many small updates.

There have been no updates on BOLTS itself, as I have not much time at the moment. I hope to be able to get back soon, and finish a large change in the way BOLTS handles data, which should pave the way for a few new features. And I hope to finally tackle a better integration of BOLTS into FreeCAD.

Speaking of FreeCAD, recently version 0.15 of FreeCAD was released. The exciting change from the point of view of BOLTS is that the FreeCAD libpack now contains the python dependencies of BOLTS. This should solve most of the difficulties windows users have experienced when trying to install BOLTS on Windows.

And even though not much is happening on the development side of BOLTS, its popularity is rising steadily. The webpage has more than 1000 visitors every month and a few brave anonymous contributors continue to improve the state of the translations for part descriptions, webpage and documentation. Thanks a lot, whoever you are!