BOLTS revival

During a long period of inactivity from my side BOLTS has degraded. Bugs and Problems were noticed, but not fixed, the website went down at some point, and also the integrations had their share of bit-rot.

However Bernd Hahnebach kept the FreeCAD macro alive and from now on, we will together maintain this project. A number of activities have started

  • The BOLTS and BOLTSFC (FreeCAD package) repositories have been moved from my personal space to a newly created GitHub organisation.
  • A number of bugfixes and improvements has already be merged, more will follow.
  • The Website (which was a Flask application that was hosted on the old version OpenShift, which broke when the old version was discontinued) is statically generated, which simplifies hosting a lot. Because of this change a number of things change I didn't spent effort to get the thingtracker for BOLTS up and running again. The ThingTracker Network seems dead anyway. The file distribution for the releases now happens via GitHub.