Part contributions

Work by the following is contained in BOLTS:

Johannes Reinhardt
Bernd Hahnebach
Damian Axford
Javier Martínez García
Fabrizio Pollastri

Help and inspiration

These people have helped in other ways or provided inspiration:

nopheadprovided inspiration for BOLTS with his Mendel90 and his work sparked my fascination for 3D printers.
MCADserved as another source of inspiration.
Yorik van Havreanswered many questions about FreeCAD.
Marius Kintelhad some good ideas for BOLTS for OpenSCAD and created OpenSCAD.
shoogenhelped with some difficult questions about the inner workings of FreeCAD.
Keith Sloanhelped with making BOLTS for FreeCAD work with python 2.6.
arcolfound the fix for a tricky bug and provided a lot of feedback.
Dale Dunnhelped with the development of the SolidWorks flavour of BOLTS.
Stefan Bühlerfor his help with hosting and his general expertise.
Bernd Hahnebachfor his persistence, patience and for the maintenance and improvement of the FreeCAD integration.